Zero Gage, A Division of Benny Gage Inc., has supplied measurement solutions to a wide variety of manufactures for more than 75 years. We are a Full Service Design and Build Facility.

   • From our line of Catalog Items –
Ball arbors and ball chucks, center assemblies, depth gages, hydraulic arbors and hydraulic chucks, roller slides, poly gages, self mastering units, sweep gages, dial and electronic sweep gages, x-y probe gages, and thread pitch arbor gages-

   • Custom Designed Fixture Gage-                                                                     Attribute fixture gages, variable fixture gages, computer gages with data collection with SPC, dog house gages, electronic gages, CMM fixtures, part type masters, depth gages, snap gages, ring gages, plug gages, thread gages, flush pin gages, surface finish gages, gage masters and setting rings -    

   • Repair / Rework / Reconditioning of any existing gages -regardless of the original manufacturer –

You are assured of receiving the highest quality precision gage available.