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Zero Model "BG" (Bar Gage Blank)

Material: Bar and Pin Tool Steel. Heat Treat Bar and Pin Rockwell "C" 62-64.

Top and Bottom of Bar Ground Flat, Parrallel and Square With Pin Hole.

Ordering Instructions

Select Bar That Suits Part Condition
L Lenght Rod = 8.0 Inch
A Pin Location =1.0 Inch
G Pin Gage Length = 4 Inch

Specify Zero BG8 A1 G4

Gage Pin Location
1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0
Zero Model Numbers
2.0 BG2 A1          
4.0 BG4 A1 BG4 A2        
6.0 BG6 A1 BG6 A2 BG6 A3      
8.0 BG8 A1 BG8 A2 BG8 A3 BG8 A4    
10.0 BG10 A1 BG10 A2 BG10 A3 BG10 A4 BG10 A5  
12.0 BG12 A1 BG12 A2 BG12 A3 BG12 A4 BG12 A5 BG12 A6

Pin Length"G"

2.0 Stock
4.0 Available
6.0 Available
For Alterations, Also Specify Min.- Max. Gage Depth and Any Pin Chamfer Required.