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Applications of Hydraulic Tooling
Power Actuated Arbor

A power actuated hydraulic arbor can locate a transmission gear within 0.0002 T.I.R. when grinding a cone seat. A carbide coated sleeve is used for longer wear and greater gripping force.

Arbor Actuated with Hydraulic Pump

This hydraulic arbor is actuated byan outside hydraulic source. After the part is loaded on the arbor a high pressure hydraulic hose is connected to the quick change coupling, the

valve is then opened and the arbor is pressurized to the required pressure. Next, the valve is closed and the hose is disconnected. The arbor is now expanded to the necessary amount required for machining. The hydraulic pressure is observed to assure that the arbor remains expanded during the machining cycle, thus avoiding part slippage.

Arbor with Spherical End Stop

Zero Gage Co.'s hydraulic arbor with a spherical end stop locates a turbine shaft within 0.0005 T.I.R. while turning the outside contour.

Arbor for Multiple Parts

This hydraulic arbor is used for expanding into three

different size bushings at one time. The arbor locates the bushings within 0.0002 T.I.R. for finish grinding of the outside diameter.

Arbor with Carbide Coated Split Sleeve

A hydraulic arbor with a carbide coated split sleeve is used to locate and hold a labyrinth spacer within 0.0005 T.I.R. while semi-finish turning the forward end on a Mazak 4 axis lathe.

Chuck with Gage Pads

Zero Gage Co.'s hydraulic chuck with gage pads locates and holds a rotor within 0.0002 T.I.R. while grinding the out- side and inside diameters of the part on a Bryant grinder.

Chuck with Split Sleeve

This hydraulic chuck with split sleeve, gage pad and built-in hydraulic clamps is used to locate and hold a compressor spacer within 0.0002 T.I.R. while grinding the inside diameter and face on a Bryant grinder.

Milling Chuck

While locating the first and second stage spacer within 0.0002 T.I.R. the drilling and milling operations are performed by this hydraulic chuck with interchangeable split sleeves.

Milling Fixture

A milling fixture with radial locator and tooling ball, used for gaging, the hydraulic arbor with split sleeve locates the part within 0.0002 true position for drilling 34 holes and milling 6 slots.

Jig Grinding Fixture

To locate and hold the bearing assembly within 0.0001 true position, while grinding the bearing diameter, a jig grinding fixture, with a hydraulic arbor and diamond locator, is used.

Gear Check Arbor

A hydraulic arbor is used for locating a transmission ring gear within 0.0002 T.I.R. when checking gear runout on a motorized rolling fixture.

Balance Arbor

Zero Gage Co.'s hydraulic balancing arbor expands into two bores for holding a fan disc during balancing within 1.0 gram-inch on a Gisholt balancing machine.

Squareness Gage

This squareness gage is used with a hydraulic arbor and split sleeve to expand irlto the shaft bores while checking the squareness of the mounting face of a marine engine gear case.

Hole Location Gage

A special hole location gage is available with four hydraulic arbors for locating the part within 0.0002 true position. Gage pins are then used to check the location of each hole.