zerogage - Hydraulic Arbors and Chucks Hydraulic Arbors and Chucks
Applications of hydraulically Operated tools
Assembling Grinding Shaped
Balancing Hobbing Shaving
Boring Honing Testing
Clamping Inspecting Tool Holding
Drilling Milling Turning
Facing Reaming Work Supporting

Accuracies range from 0.0005 T.I.R. to 0.00005 T.I.R. depending on the part variables.

Expansion or contraction is 0.003 for the first full inch diameter and 0.002 for each additional full inch diameter.

Size ranges are 5/1611 minimum diameter for arbors and 1/1611 minimum diameter for chucks.

Request for Quotation

Please send part prints showing the locating surfaces, indicate the operation being performed and the type of equipment in use.