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The Established Superiority of Zero Gages
The established superiority of Zero Gages is based on
  • Exclusive, patented designs
  • Sizes and features not available in any other gage
  • Finest precision workmanship
  • Basic styles, which may be combined and varied in order to multiply the number of applications
  • Our guarantee of proper functioning, workmanship and materials used
  • Experience in sweep gages since 1938

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Gage head types B, C, J, M are combined with spindle types V, V1, V3, V4, V5 (shown on the following pages) to specify the particulare style of gage addembly required. (Gage head templates are available).


"C" Gage head and V1 spindle = VC-1
"J" Gage head and V5 spindle = VJ-5

For Models DAP and MP specify model and gage head type.
Example: Model MP with "C" gage head.

Designers use Auto CAD Templates