zerogage - Ball Arbors and Ball Chucks Ball Arbors and Ball Chucks
Design Guide (For Gaging Application Only...)

All surfaces marked X are square and/or concentric within part requirements.

Ball races are concentric within .0001 T.I.R. OR BETTER

Expansion Limits on Diameters
Dia. SizeDia. Size
.50 to 1.50 = .0103.0 to 4.5 = .020
1.5 to 3.0 = .0154.5 to 6.0 = .025

Contact Our Plant If:
(1) Additional expansion is required
(2) You have larger part sizes
(3) The 5/16 dim. not permissible


Ball arbors & chucks can be designed to suit practically any application. They are ideally suited when it is required to rotate the piece part for inspections. The amount of expansion obtainable without a loss of accuracy is also a plus for the ball arbor. loading is quick and simple and the bearings antifrictional feature gives the arbor a long wear life.


Ball arbors can indent a soft steel or aluminum part. Special adapters can be furnished to protect against this or the ball arbor rotation feature can be locked out to minimize this factor.

An interruption in the bore such as a snap ring groove creates a bad part loading problem and should be avoided.

A bell mouth or tapered part condition can be calculated into the design allowing the arbor to work well. But an oval shaped part will not locate properly. If these conditions exist or it is desirous to solidly clamp the part, see our standard Zero Hydraulic Arbor & Chuck Section.

Use Good Design Practices

Single row ball arbors will not square up the part, a qualified face must be used to assist the arbor. All arbors should have a 1 : 1 ratio of bearing bore to length of bore. Mount heavy parts vertically in your fixture to avoid deflection.