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Design Guide (Ball Arbors and Chucks)


Hardened steel ball races are ground and lapped to a high degree of concentric accuracy. Precision balls are added and retained in the races. An internal spring pressure is applied, forcing the races together and the balls out to the maximum part size plus preload. (The arbor remains cocked in this position.)

As the part is loaded and contacts the balls, they automatically retract accepting the part easily.

The balls are free to move rapidly & each row of balls are designed to move independantly of each other. This allows free rotation of the part, on the arbor, and minimizes wear.

With the part axis established, concentricity, parrallelism, squareness or location can be inspected. Part conditions and gage application dictates the type of design and it's mounting method.

Design of the Arbor and Mounting Method Varies With Each Application.